There's a story behind every bite.

making Italian sandwiches since before your nonna was born.

It’s a recipe that’s been satisfying the people of Maine for over 100 years. No, it’s not a “secret sauce”, or an “if we told you, we’d have to kill you” technique. People keep coming back to Amato’s for our hand-selected ingredients, bakery fresh breads, and dash of real Italian in every order.

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We started as one small sandwich cart on the docks of Portland, Maine.


In 1902, our Real Italian Sandwich was born.

That’s when a young Italian immigrant named Giovanni Amato first took his small cart down to the fishing docks of Portland, Maine and began selling freshly baked rolls filled with meats, cheeses and fresh vegetables to the locals.

Maine’s favorite sandwich shop.

The sandwich business quickly outgrew Giovanni’s cart, so he and his wife opened the very first Amato’s Sandwich Shop in Portland. For more than 50 years they served delicious Italian foods to the community and became a local favorite.


In 1972, another Italian immigrant named Dominic Reali bought the business after working at the original Portland shop for seven years. Dominic made his mark early, introducing his own blend of ingredients to the classic Real Italian Sandwich. You can say "grazie" to Dominic for the Greek olives, a zestier pickle and a new oil recipe on your sandwich. You can also thank him for turning Amato’s into a growing franchise that can now be enjoyed across state lines!

We’re a sandwich shop that proudly serves up authentic Italian eats -- just the way Giovanni did -- to your neighbors, best friends, co-workers, parents, grandparents, cousin Vinny, and you!

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