My Amato’s: Locating Change

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Hand-selected ingredients, bakery fresh breads and a dash of real Italian in every order.




It was 1902 when a young Italian immigrant named Giovanni Amato first sold his real Italian Sandwich on the fishing docks of Portland, Maine. We’ve been keeping his legacy alive with every bite since.

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You don’t create a food legacy without quality. We don’t offer fast food, we offer prepared food cooked with pride and without cutting corners. Quick take out, yes. Fast food, never.

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Giovanni used only real, high-grade products in 1902, and that’s what we use now. We choose fresh, quality ingredients for all our food.

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Amato’s Bakery uses the best of the best – King Arthur Special Patent Flour. Never bleached, never bromated.

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“I could go on and on about their food but I eat from this restaurant more often than any other and that should say enough.”

— Mark, Portland, ME