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Amato’s in the News!

2018 Readers Choice Contest Winners 11/13/18

Congratulations to the winners of the American Journal’s Best of Best Readers Choice Contest! We asked our readers to tell us their favorite stores, services and restaurants in Westbrook, Gorham and Buxton and the results are here. Thank you to all readers who took the time to vote. Read more.

Everybody Eats: Exhibit Celebrates Maine’s Food Identity, Traditions, Culture 3/3/18

“Maine Eats” opened Friday and relies on historical and contemporary stories of individuals and communities to answer the question: “Why are we so passionate about what we eat?” Read more.

‘Maine Eats’ Exhibit in Portland Digs into Evolution of State’s Cuisine 2/28/18

If you love a good Maine Italian sandwich, here’s your chance to really get into it. Literally. “Be” the sandwich. Cover yourself in condiments. Take a #sandwichselfie. Read more.

Portland Exhibit Celebrates Maine’s Food Identity, Traditions, Culture 2/27/18

PORTLAND — A new exhibit at the Maine Historical Society tells the story of Maine foods, from blueberries to lobster to whoopie pies and everything in between. Read more.

Where to eat near Portland International Jetport (PWM) 11/21/17

Ah, Portland International Jetport (PWM): on the outskirts of one of the hottest food destinations in the country, the miniature airport with the quaint name is woefully underpopulated with noteworthy dining options. Better to get in the car and seek alternate fare just a few minutes’ drive away. Read more.

Flashback: Amato’s on India Street, 1955 3/28/16

This photograph, which originally appeared on the cover of the Jan. 17, 1955, Portland Evening Express, shows the old Amato’s at the corner of India and Newbury Streets in Portland. The accompanying caption explained that “there’s more sand than snow on Portland’s streets” after a nearly snowless January that year. Read more.

Maine Voices: That Was Amore: When Portland was Known for Italian Sandwiches 1/25/16

I’m pretty sure that for the most part, native Portlanders like Italian sandwiches more than people who move here do. That’s a shame; I invite newcomers to reconsider. Let’s be clear. A real Maine Italian starts with a pillow-soft roll split down the middle. Read more.

16 Superb Sandwiches to Seek Out in Maine 10/23/15

Delis and restaurants across Maine turn out epic sandwiches every day. Here’s a guide to 16 of the truly worthwhile options, new and old, bound to satisfy anyone who tries them and upset anyone whose local favorite was neglected. Read more.

John Amato at his sandwich shop in 1959 – Flashback 5/12/14

This photo, printed on the front page of the April 9, 1959, Portland Press Herald and credited to Staff Photographer Elwell, shows “Mrs. Donald C. Bailey”, an agent of the Greater Portland Chamber of Commerce, with John F. Amato at Amato’s sandwich shop on India Street in Portland. Read more.

Presenting Maine’s Most Iconic Sandwiches 3/26/13

Of course, the iconic Maine sandwich is the lobster roll, but that regional culinary treasure is not today’s focus. Instead, we’ve rounded up a baker’s dozen of other notable sandwiches, who, for 364 days a year must live in the lobster roll’s long shadow. Read more.

Sandwich of the Week: Amato’s Original Real Italian 4/16/12

Amato’s “Real Italian” looks like the results of a produce truck and a deli counter crashing into an overgrown lobster-roll bun.

Maine at Work: Reporter Discovers Amato’s Secret Ingredient: a Flowchart 1/23/11

FREEPORT – I’ve eaten enough Amato’s Italians in my time to feel confident that I would know exactly what went into one. Until I had to make one for a customer. Read more.